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Pineapple White Wine Slushie – These slushies are a super refreshing way to cool off in the summer using frozen pineapple and your favorite white wine!

Hello you folks! Simply flying in and assisting you with dismissing your end of the week from directly with a fun and simple to make cocktail.Yep, this delectable drink is only two fixings – and 100 percent worth pulling out your blender for!

I’m really intending to drag my blender along next time we go setting up camp this mid year to prepare a twofold (triple?) group of wine slushies to share.They’re that acceptable, so unbelievably sweet/tart and invigorating!

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FYI mothers and fathers – it’s not difficult to make a mocktail out of these also for the youngsters. Simply mix up the pineapple with some apple or squeezed orange and the little ones get a great treat too.You can utilize whatever sort of wine your heart wants in these beverages. I for one love chardonnay which makes the slush somewhat more on the tart side.When it’s hot out I LOVE something that isn’t excessively sweet, however is as yet frosty cold.If you like your mixed drinks better, this is additionally stunning with moscato!

It’s about that season of day for me to feel free to get these in the blender, and proceed onward out to the deck!

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  • 4 Cups Cold White Wine
  • 3 Cups Frozen Pineapple Chunks.


  • Add the wine and pineapple chunks into a blender and blend until a slushie mixture forms.  Serve immediately with fresh pineapple for garnish if desired.

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